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"YOU are Constant, Continuous, Infinite Energy + Energy never ends, it Transforms." -unknown


The Strength bracelet is perfect for both those who are just starting their spiritual journey + those who are already on their journey. 


Grey Agate:

A grounding stone, grey agate harmonizes yin + yang. It helps to heal emotional trauma and overcome negativity. Grey Agate can also be used to raise your consciousness + assist in your spiritual growth journey. 


Black Onyx: 

Black Onyx is a protection stone known to absorb and transform negative energy. It can be used to encourage good fortune & happiness. It is also great when used during meditation + is a wonderful stone to aide you in your spiritual journey. 


The 'Strength' bracelet is made with grey agate + matte black onyx. Strung on elastic cord and made with intention. Beads are 8mm + accents are gold plated.

'Strength' bracelet

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