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White moonstone is all about connecting to the energy and healing potential of the moon. It is a stone of love, fertility, protection, magic & purity. This feminine stone is said to increase intuition and help us connect with the Divine Feminine. It activates the kundalini energy in women and emotional balance in men. It is also considered a stone of new beginnings. It helps us to get rid of old emotional patterns so that we may understand and accept them.


affirmation: "I follow my intuition and it always leads me to exactly what I need"


chakra: third eye and crown


Blue Chalcedony is a protective stone known to absorb negative vibrations and energy. It encourages empathy and understanding, and brings calming vibrations to the wearer. A powerful emotional healing stone, it helps one to stay in control of their emotions and communicate their true thoughts and ideas. It also allows you to feel safe when expressing yourself and encourages inward reflection.


affirmation: "I surround myself and others with joy and positivity"


chakra: throat and third eye


The 'intuition' moonstone annd chalcedony mala is made with 108 6mm white moonstone and blue chalcedony beads. Strung on 100% silk thread and made with intention. Accents are gold plated. Only the mala necklace is included.


Pairs with the 'intuition' bracelet.

‘Intuition’ Moonstone and Chalcedony Mala necklace

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