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"Energy flows where attention goes. What you focus on grows." - unknown


Going with the flow is much easier than trying to swim agaist the current. The Energy Flows bracelet is perfect for those needing a gentle reminder that change is constant + we don't have to hold on to our burdens. 


Pairs with the 'Energy Flows' necklace.



Known to improve energy flow, riverstone is great for those feeling stagnant or stuck. It can be used to relieve feelings of anxiety, fear, + sadness. This stone is powerful in hleping you move quickly through changes. It also energizes the entire aura, and gives strength to the wearer. 


The 'Energy Flows' bracelet is made with Riverstone, wood beads, and swarovski crystal. Strung on elastic cord and made with intention. Beads are 8mm and 10mm, + accents are gold plated. Only one bracelet is included.

'Energy Flows' bracelet

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