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21 and The Moon Intentional Jewelry

Updated: Feb 2, 2019


I first started making jewelry back in 2011. I would make bracelets and anklets out of hemp string, and necklaces out of glass beads. It wasn't until 2015 when a friend gifted me an amethyst bracelet that I really started to dive deeper into the world of crystals and stones. This is also around the time that my spiritual journey really began. I started researching and studying the healing properties that crystals possessed and I was in awe. The power of crystals and gemstones is quite amazing. I quickly became obsessed, and started making jewelry for myself as well as family and friends. After receiving so much positive feedback I figured I could take it a step further. And so began 21andTheMoon; born in 2016. I chose the name 21andTheMoon because of my love of both the moon and the number 21. For me the moon represents the light that all of us has within us, but may need help turning on sometimes. On top of that I'm a cancer born on the 21st of July. I'm also really into astrology and Cancers ruling planet is the moon.

21andTheMoon is one of my many forms of artistic expression. I've always been this bohemian, free-spirit with a zest for all things artistic and a love for all of the beauty nature has to offer; I feel like my line is a direct reflection of that. I pour love + intention into each piece I make. I want the wearer to not only have a beauitiful piece, but a piece that also has a special meaning behind it.

I'm looking forward to this continuing journey + all that it has to offer.

Wishing you Love + Light,

Aun'Jenèlle Mykel

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