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Caring for your waist beads

In order to keep your waist beads looking their best we recommend:
  • removing them before making contact with water (traditional cotton strung waist beads are ok to wear in water).
  • you may have the tendency to forget you are wearing your beads, so you should be mindful of them when removing clothing.
  • when not wearing them we suggest storing your beads in the pouch you received with your order, or any other protective pouch.

Measuring + Sizing

To measure yourself for your waist beads use a soft measuring tape. Make sure you take the measurement exactly where you want your beads to fall. Wrap the tape measure around your waist, ensuring that it is flat against your skin. Make sure to leave some room (you should be able to fit your fingers inside the measuring tape. For custom orders enter the number (in inches) at checkout, or chose your sizing from the drop-down menu.

How to tie off your beads

Traditional African style waist beads are strung on cotton string without a clasp. To tie off your beads begin by placing the beads around your waist where you want them to fall. Tie the ends of the string together into two or three knots, and cut off the remaining string. 
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